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Journal:   JOURNAL OF LASERS IN MEDICAL SCIENCES   Summer 2019 , Volume 10 , Number 3; Page(s) 251 To 253.

Successful Use of the 308-nm Excimer Laser in Early Patch Stage Mycosis Fungoides



Author(s):  Armenta Andrew M., Jones Krystal M.*, Reichenberg Jason S.
* Division of Dermatology, Dell Medical School, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA/ 1400 N I-35, Department of Dermatology, Clinical Education Center, Suite C2.470, Austin, TX 78701 (281-451-3686)
Introduction: Mycosis fungoides (MF), a type of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, is a rare condition with a variety of treatment options. A frequently utilized method in the treatment of early-stage MF is phototherapy. Full body phototherapy can be associated with photoaging of the skin and an increased risk of developing skin cancer. Targeted phototherapy, with a 308-nm excimer laser, may be just as effective and of a lower risk. This makes it especially useful in the treatment of patients with dysplastic nevi (DN) or other conditions which can put them at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. There are currently limited data on the treatment of early-stage MF with an excimer laser. Case Report: This study reports on a 43-year-old female patient presented to the clinic with early-stage (Ia) MF. Given her history of DN, she wished to pursue targeted phototherapy with an excimer laser. Localized light treatment was performed via a 308-nm excimer laser, 3 times weekly, for a total of 17 treatments to affected lesions. Following excimer laser treatment, she had a clinical resolution of her patches. On the follow-up clinic visits, she maintained her excellent response 12 months out. Conclusion: Targeted phototherapy with a 308-nm excimer laser may be a safer and equally effective alternative to generalized phototherapy in the treatment of early-stage MF. This case report demonstrates its efficacy and advantages over traditional generalized phototherapy.
Keyword(s): Mycosis fungoides,Lasers,Excimer
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