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Journal:   JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE)   fall 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 3 #a00494; Page(s) 659 To 672.

Investigating the Effect of Apparel Color Dimensions on Customer Purchase Intention: An Analysis on Customer Gender Differences

Author(s):  Haji Hassani Farzaneh*, Sadeghpour Ali Asghar, ALAVI SEYED MOSLEM
* Faculty of Management and Economic, Science and research Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Objective: Colors as one of the most fundamental components of any product (especially apparel) have a significant impact on consumer behavior. These effects can be studied on various aspects, so that with a thorough analysis we can manufacture desirable apparel with appropriate color suited to the needs of customers. In this study, in order to fill the research gap, the effect of color on customer purchase intention is investigated and the difference between the views of men and women about each of the dimensions is analyzed. Methods: Statistical population consists of all store's customers at Setareh store in Shiraz in which we chose 279 individuals. Questionnaire validity is tested by two approaches including face and content methods while we conducted two methods to verify the reliability including Cronbach's alpha: 86%, and split half: 76%. Results: Findings showed that the most important factor among the others affecting customer purchase intention is customer color preferences while color norms does not affect customer purchase intention. Another findings reveals that only about the color norms, women and men have Different opinions. On the other hand, among the cultural, religious, friends and individual interest, individual interest factor is the most effective predictor of choosing a special color. Conclusion: Color, as a low-cost element in apparel products, plays an important role in customer decisions. If a special color is of high importance compare to other colors and it is of customer's interest, it will be preferred.
Keyword(s): Apparel purchase intention,Color attractiveness,Color importance,Color norms,Color preferences
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