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Journal:   JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE)   fall 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 509 To 528.

An Analysis of the Effect of Brand Evidence and Brand Hearsay on Customer Choice Persuasion of Healthcare Services with Mediating Role of Brand Image (Study of Medical Diagnostic Laboratories in Isfahan)

Author(s):  SANAYEI ALI*, ANSARI AZARNOUSH, Abbaspour Ferdos
* University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
Objective: Healthcare providers are of considerable significance due to the sensitivity of their services. Identifying the desired factors to choose a healthcare center helps managers to develop their own programs and strategies. Therefore, the aim of this study is to investigate the factors influencing the selection of medical diagnostic laboratories. In doing so, the impact of brand evidence, brand hearsay, brand trust and brand image on encouraging customer selection has been analyzed. Methods: The present study is applied In terms of purpose and descriptive survey in terms of data collection. The statistical population consists of diagnostic laboratories in Isfahan. Results: The results indicate that brand evidence and brand hearsay affect brand then again brand trust in fluencies brand image as well. On the other hand, brand image has an impact on customers' selection. Conclusion: Of the nine hypotheses of the study the impact of brand evidence on brand image and the mediating role of brand image on the impact of brand evidence on the customers' persuasion in choosing healthcare services, have not been verified.
Keyword(s): Brand evidence,Brand hearsay,Brand image,Customer persuasion,Brand trust
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