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Journal:   JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE)   Summer 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 325 To 348.

Understanding the Experience of Emotional Purchase of Durable Goods: A Phenomenological Study of Purchasing Home Appliance as Dowry

Author(s):  Khalili moghadam Maryam, SOLTANI MORTEZA*, yazdani hamidreza, KHANIFAR HOSSEIN
* Farabi Campus, University of Tehran, Qom, Iran
This study aims to understand the emotional purchasing experience of durable goods investigating the people who had experienced an emotional purchase during purchasing home appliance dowry. In order to understand the emotional purchasing experience, a qualitative research method based on descriptive phenomenological approach was implemented because of the need for using lived experiences of the participants. As Colaizzi method is systematic in methodology, it was used for data analysis. Deep interviews with 14 people were conducted based on judgmental sampling until obtaining saturation. Validation of the results was obtained through bracketing implemented by the researcher, referring to the participants and earning their agreement. Finally, four themes were emerged and the process of “ cognition, emotion, appraisal, and decision making” can be extracted combining the emerged themes. Research findings are very helpful in better understanding of consumers’ behavior and predicting their purchasing behavior. Appropriate use of the findings could be helpful in increasing customers’ satisfaction, which can lead to an increase in sale.
Keyword(s): Consumer behavior,Emotional marketing,Emotional purchasing,Phenomenology,Purchasing experience
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