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Journal:   WATER ENGINEERING   FALL 2018 , Volume 11 , Number 38 ; Page(s) 83 To 93.

Simulation of Lateral Distribution of Total Load Sediment Transport in Rivers Using a Quasi Two-Dimensional Mathematical Model (Case Study: Gharehsoo river)

Correctly predictions of flow hydraulics and sediment parameters are very important for proper operation and management of rivers. Today, quasi two-dimensional (2D) mathematical models are widely have been used as efficient solutions in flow hydraulics and sediment problems in rivers. In these models, lateral velocity distribution is simulated by numerical solution of Navier-Stokes equations in steady and uniform flow conditions. In this paper, using the quasi 2D mathematical model of Shiono and Knight (1991), the velocity lateral distributions at the river Gharehsoo were calculated. Then using these results and several empirical sediment transport formulas, lateral distribution of bed material load and sediment transport capacity of the river were obtained. The results showed good performance of the quasi 2D model for prediction of velocity lateral distribution with 8. 7 percent relative error. Furthermore, among different sediment transport formulas, Yang and Ackers-White equations have the highest accuracy with mean errors of 45% and 67%, respectively. Larson’ s equation with mean error of 245% corresponds to very low accuracy.
Keyword(s): Velocity lateral distribution,Total load lateral distribution,Quasi 2-D mathematical model,Gharehsoo river
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