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Journal:   SPEKTRUM IRAN   2019 , Volume 32 , Number 1 #g00657; Page(s) 95 To 108.

GERMAN: Das Autobiografische im Werk von Franz Kafka (ENGLISH: The Autobiographical Element in the Works of Franz Kafka)

Author(s):  REZVANI SAEID*
* Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University, Teheran
Es gibt wohl keinen Leser, der die Texte Franz Kafkas liest und sich nicht fragt, was der Autor eigentlich damit sagen möchte, der also keinen anderen Sinn hinter diesen Texten sucht, als ihren augenscheinlichen. Die hoffnungslosen Labyrinthe, in denen sich die Helden verirren; die bis zur vollkommenen Absurdität grotesken Charaktere und Verhaltensweisen der Gegenspieler dieser Helden; ...
Franz Kafka’ s works can be considered as the epitome of interpretability in the modern fiction. Abandoning the search for the one and only correct meaning of Kafka’ s stories makes it possible to gain access to the meanings beneath the surface. The attempt to understand his stories brings out possible interpretations and discovers elements on which the stories are based. One part of Kafka’s literary effort is certainly the processing of concrete events and circumstances of his life; therefore, this article tries to examine the autobiographical element of his stories. Although the biography of the author does not fully unlock the meaning of his texts, it facilitates their partial understanding and development of possible interpretations. As an example, reading Kafka’s novel, The Castle, alongside his autobiographical sources of information (letters and diaries), provides a new interpretation of the fragmented text.
Keyword(s): (ENGLISH: Franz Kafka,interpretation,autobiography,The Castle,literature)
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