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Journal:   ETHICS   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 (54) ; Page(s) 147 To 166.

The Effects of Consumerism on Individual Ethical Identity, Relying on the Iranian Style of Life

Author(s):  Hashemzadeh Seyyed Ali Asghar*
Consumerism، as a global phenomenon، has been studied more than its positive or negative effects on economic structures، and few views have focused on its negative effects on consumer identity. Assessing the negative effects of consumerism with an emphasis on identity conflicts is a key issue that needs to be addressed in order to understand consumption patterns and reduce the individual and social consequences of consumerism in society. This paper deals with a descriptive، analytical and theoretical aspect of the impact of consumerism on behavior and ethical traditions based on evidence among Iranian families. First، we point out important factors that have a negative impact on consumer identity، then we outline key elements affecting individual identities، and ultimately provide practical mechanisms for protecting and preventing the moral harm of consumerism. As a result of the supply chain from production to consumption، the reform of the approaches، along with the efforts to improve living conditions and the welfare of all، will prevent identity ruptures and the destruction of the genuine values of society.
Keyword(s): Consumerism,Ethical Consumption,Individual Identity,Collective Identity,Iranian Citizen
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