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Journal:   ETHICS   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 (54) #p00542; Page(s) 123 To 145.

The Principles of Nurturing Children´ s Moral Virtues Based on Educational Teachings of Hazrat Zahra(AS)

Author(s):  Shahriyari Ruhullah*
This research aims to find the principles of nurturing moral virtues in children through a descriptive-analytical method، and to study the spirituality of Hazrat Zahra (AS)، So as to tackle and guide parents and mentors education guidelines and target their activities in the field of educational practice. What has been obtained in this regard is that in the educational logic of Hazrat Zahra، three are classes of educational principle. Parents' Principles; Children’ s Principles and Principles of educational Practice. Parents' principles show that although the educator directs the process of education، but in educational logic of Hazrat Zahra، it is actually the act of God، inasmuch as it is necessary for him to accept and seek God for the merits of his authority. Moreover، receiving a sense of emotional stability and expertise is among these principles. The child’ s principles are the need to recognize child capacities. Among the principles of educational practice are the art-orientation، the stimulation towards truth، the preference for rationalism on pampering، the dignity and the practical steps، in educational method of Hazrat Zahra.
Keyword(s): Principles,education,educational method,moral virtues,Hazrat Zahra(AS)
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