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Journal:   ETHICS   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 (54) #p00542; Page(s) 95 To 121.

The Impropriety of Homosexuality in Islamic Theory and Natural Law (a Review of the article "On Sexual Minorities")

Author(s):  Hazeri Muhammad Hadi, Talebi Muhammad Husein
The prohibition of homosexuality، which is further explained in the form of an "abnormal" argument، was later argued by Mr. Arash Naraghi in an article titled "Islam and the issue of homosexuality". In his view، possible rational arguments for the abnormal homosexuality in the Islamic practical wisdom are corrupted. By defining "nature" and relying on the "goal-oriented" definition of Aristotle، he defends the idea of "multiplicity" of functions، and on the assumption of this argument، homosexuality also agrees with "pleasure، " it introduces the same function of "childbearing" for the human sexuality he does. The present paper criticizes its definitions، and proposes the law of practical reason in Islamic theology of natural law، and has shown that functions as "perfections" of every power of the soul are towards the fullest "goal". Also، according to the congruity doctrine، it is necessary to have any function with the final function or the same good goodness. For this reason، the stop in plurality and the lack of unity، disgrace، and denial. Enjoyment، if seen alone، would be contrary to the idea of a complete human being in Islamic philosophy. Exceptions have also been analyzed.
Keyword(s): Naraghi,Homosexuality,Islam,Abnormal,Islamic Theory of Natural Law,goal
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