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Journal:   ETHICS   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 (54) ; Page(s) 71 To 94.

Ethical Patterns of Returning to the Family in Contemporary World with an Emphasis on Martyr Motaharis Theory

Author(s):  Firoozmehr Mohammad Mehdi, farajzadeh mirarab
The family is the fundamental unit of human society، but with the decline and weakness of the ethical approach to human life، it is challenged and the human community moves towards the totality of people without the bond of love، friendship and mercy. Several patterns have been proposed to create interest in the family، which seems to be the best solution to the family problem، as suggested by Motahhari's thought and deduced from divine teachings. This descriptive-analytic study aims to explain this pattern and theory. The aim is to show that the current process of the cultural situation of the international community is a major challenge for the Islamic society، which is rooted in the secularization of religion and ethics and the promotion of the Western world and the promotion of lust. With the West's cultural propaganda، the goal of creating a family for contemporary humans is ambiguous، as it does not، whether they need to be spouses، children and beings with their parents and affection for them، and sexual needs are a tool to provoke It is necessary to meet this innate need، or the family is just an excuse for solving the erotic need and sanctity، sanctity، and no other value! The group has a second opinion، but divine thinkers such as Martyr Motahari present the first idea and believe that the only way to bring happiness to mankind is to return to the family، and such a return with the pattern of nature، that is، the natural desire of men and women to form a family، Innovative tendency to emotional coexistence with loved ones and. . . will be realized sooner or later.
Keyword(s): Family,Ethical Model,Contemporary World,Motahari
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