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Journal:   ETHICS   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 (54) ; Page(s) 31 To 69.

The Strategic Importance of Kants Perspective for Environmental Ethics

In this article، the author claims that Kant can justify the importance of ethics for protecting the environment، based on the promotion and improvement of personality and the creation of a more general environment for human flourishing. Kant's human mind requires that we protect nature، because nature helps us achieve our goals. Also، based on Kant's human mind، we are obliged to protect the environment for future generations. In addition، Kantian ethics shows how nonprofit approach to nature (whether it be aesthetic or otherwise) can help us to develop as a moral entity; hence، we should not only consider the environment as the source of raw materials for Man imagine When we، regardless of our own interests، respect nature، we can strengthen the kinds of attitudes that contribute to the growth of moral virtues. Consequently، Kantian ethics can extend the organization of the complex ecological ethics system based on the humanist principles.
Keyword(s): Kant,Ethics,Environment,Humanity,Nature
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