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Journal:   ETHICS   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 (54) ; Page(s) 11 To 30.

Ethical Challenges of Religious Wives in Family Relations

Author(s):  Ghanbari Adel, Salarifar Mohammad Reza
Among the important areas of marital divorce and divorce in religious families is the relationship between spouses and relatives. The ethical challenges that arise in these relationships can cause abnormalities in the marital life of the spouses. The present research studies the ethical challenges of religious families' spouses in family relationships and uses qualitative research method، interpretive method and content analysis of Islamic texts. Based on the results، the ethical challenges in the relationship between religious spouses and relatives in relation to various topics are 25: the challenges of the first category are interactive، due to association or attendance at meetings، observance of religious standards، educational affairs، affiliations and discrimination. The second concerns spiritual support، such as helping parents، solving their problems and exchanging information. Third، material support، such as parent financing. The roots of these challenges have been grouped into 20 general topics، such as the lack of knowledge of life skills and the apostasy of religiosity and ethics in families.
Keyword(s): Challenges,religious spouses,family relationships
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