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Journal:   ETHICS   FALL 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 31 (53) ; Page(s) 131 To 162.

Are the vices fatal?

Author(s):  Hashemzadeh Seyyed Ali Asghar*
In recent years، philosophers and ethical psychologists have been paying increasing attention to virtues، but the subject of ethical vices has been less focused. Gabriel Taylor، a researcher of ethics، aims to rectify this issue in an attempt to correct this neglect in an important work called "Fatal Violence. " The deadly vices that are also known for the seven great sins in the Christian tradition include laziness، jealousy، greed، pride، anger، lust and chestnut. According to Taylor، each of these vile deeds degenerates and prevents man from leading one to a prosperous and prosperous life. However، it cannot be concluded from this that virtues are necessary for prosperity، but it can be acknowledged by Aristotle's virtue ethics that the absence of such a vindication is a prerequisite for desirable survival. Taylor in this essay، which is in fact a slice of his book، written many years later and further elaborated، reveals the nature of vices to a person by examining a case of vile debauchery.
Keyword(s): flourishing,self,sloth,vices,virtues,virtue ethics
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