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Journal:   ETHICS   FALL 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 31 (53) ; Page(s) 107 To 129.

Why should I be moral?

Author(s):  Qurbaniyan Saleh*
The history of ethical philosophy has long witnessed the efforts of philosophers to produce and provide various reasons for "being ethical". The question "Why should we be moral? " is based on requirement to arrive at compelling answers، to accept and to live according to a particular moral system. But the question we are trying to answer is "Why should I be moral? " In the first question، answers and reasons are sought to justify the moral order، but in the latter، by accepting the utility of the moral system، it challenges a certain area and whether it is necessary for the person to always have moral behavior? This article follows the method of collecting the materials، the library method، and how to cite the data from the documentary method. In analyzing the content، this method is a descriptive analytic content analysis. First، we review the answers given to a category of answers، and we will continue to address some of the challenges ahead of them، and we conclude that a particular reason is not enough to be ethical enough، a strong and strong reason Motivating and strong enough، it's a multifaceted reason that brings together several different types of arguments and combines them.
Keyword(s): Ethics,Ethical behavior,Personal interest,Rationality,Virtue
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