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Journal:   ETHICS   FALL 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 31 (53) #p00541; Page(s) 81 To 106.

Qualitative study of methods of deception of the media and its effects on the family

The purpose of this study was to investigate the ways and means of media deception in the family. The method of library and document research was applied and the instrument for collecting information was note-taking. For information gathering، theoretical literature on media and critical studies، scientific-research articles، and scientific-specialized articles and translations of specialized texts were reviewed. The findings were categorized in three areas of media deception in the way of covering the news and its transmission to the audience، influencing the family's lifestyle and family outreach strategies from the medium of media deception. The ways in which news is handled and how it is transmitted to the audience has a major impact on the lure of the audience، so that the techniques of influencing deception include: record writing، demonstration of serial information، guided leakage، message massaging، deletion، generalization، message scheduling، garbage collection، creation The news wave، evaporation، the presentation of the great lie، the display of censorship indirectly، the handwriting of the message، the creation of a hypothetical enemy، exaggeration، the effect of inoculation and the use of violent images of women and children، and so on. In the context of media deception and its impact on family lifestyle، the results showed that the media، by shaping false consciousness of the audience، expanding and displaying class contradictions، creating a sense of alienation، heroism، manipulation of gender concepts، serving politicians and economics، and creating cultural change It changes the individual and family lifestyles of the audience. Also، the media sometimes threaten the ethical rules of the family.
Keyword(s): media,media deception,family,lifestyle,news coverage
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