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Journal:   ETHICS   FALL 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 31 (53) #p00541; Page(s) 55 To 79.

A reflection on the status and components of the moral education of children in the family (Based on Imam Alis viewpoint)

The contemporary world faces various moral problems more than ever. The concept of moral education is the process of creating and cultivating ethical virtues in the learners and trying to prevent them from ethical misconduct. Considering the importance of ethical education، ethical issues and moral education are of high rank. Imam Ali (AS)، the first leader of the Shi'ites، has made remarkable points about moral education. The present study tries to use the descriptive-analytical method to determine the position and components of moral education of children in the family from Imam Ali's point of view. The results of the research show that Imam has divided ethical training stages into three periods of seven years based on the ethical stages and provided some elements about the components of moral education (ultimate goal، intermediate goals، principles and methods). The modeling of Imam Ali (AS)، the use of Islamic educational methods and the cultivation of the generational generation can be the source of worldly and heavenly prosperity.
Keyword(s): Imam Ali (as),moral education,stages,goals,principles,methods
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