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Journal:   ETHICS   FALL 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 31 (53) ; Page(s) 33 To 54.

Gender Ethics from the Viewpoint of Islam and its Relationship with Moral Relativity

Author(s):  ABDOLLAHI ABBAS, Akbari Sakineh
One of the emerging issues in contemporary studies of Quranic exegesis and Hadith is the revision of Islamic ethics from the "gender" perspective and the justifying of "gender ethics" in accordance with the sources of the revelation of Islam. The main issue of this paper is، in the first step، to prove the principle of moral propositions addressed to one of the two genders in verses * and narratives، and in the second step، to find the foundations of the inference of gender morality from the teachings of the revelation of Islam and the rejection of the forms of moral relativity about it. According to the findings of this research، the existence of the statements of gender ethics in the verses and narratives is undeniable، and the correspondence of the two Qur'anic principles of "paired" and "conformity of the system of legislation and the system of creation"، the reason of the issuance of these propositions will be revealed by the holy sharia. Finally، after answering the forms of moralizing sentences in the event of the adoption of "gender morality" in Islam، it was concluded that the claim for the full use of the moral propositions to the two sexes in the Islamic Shari'a is not culturally relevant to religious sources. Thus، in deriving the moral propositions of Islam in the family system، paying attention to the gender dimension of men and women is necessary and in some cases causes differences or conflicts between moral and feminine verdicts. The method of this research is a combination of inter-religious and extra-religious approaches.
Keyword(s): Gender ethics,vices,virtues,family system,Islamic law,moral relativity
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