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Journal:   SPEKTRUM IRAN   2018 , Volume 31 , Number 4 #g00656; Page(s) 59 To 74.

GERMAN: Erläuterung der moralischen Grundsätze des Handelns des Propheten Muhammad (s.) in Medina aus der Sicht der existenziellen Ethik (ENGLISH: An Explanation of the Prophet's Morals in Medina according to the Existential Approach)

Author(s):  Heydari Ahmadali*
* AllamehTabataba'i University (ATU)
Einführung: Dieser Artikel möchte auf der Basis der Elemente der existenziellen Ethik die moralische Haltung von Prophet Muhammad (s) in den Jahren seines Aufenthalts in Medina analysieren. Es muß darauf hingewiesen werden, dass in dieser Ethik die existenziellen Voraussetzungen der moralischen Werte und die Art und Weise der moralischen Beurteilung des Menschen aus der Sicht der Existenzanalyse in Betracht gezogen werden.
This paper tries to analyze prophet Muhammad's moral actions according to existential ethics. Adopting this approach, we rely on the unity of consciousness and virtue, and try to focus on the close relationship between the prophet's existential knowledge and his ethical actions. Therefore, many historical mistakes based on non-existential approaches could be corrected. Concepts such as his lebenswelt and erlebnis express a world tied with pre-scientific facts and lived experiences, and opposed to the view built on the centrality of subjectivity, in which only theoretical and scientific concerns are imperative. In other words, according to this approach, the prophet’s cultural life is the central concept, which gives us a way to analyze his moral actions, especially when historical evidence is not available. Another result of this approach is that without falling prey to historicism, analyzing his lifestyle is achievable, and it grounds a history which can be considered in later historical stages, in Imam Ali and his progeny's thought, as the mystical Shiite thought, which according to Tabatabaei is the “ source of mysticism”.
Keyword(s): (ENGLISH: Existential ethics,Falaturi,cultural life,Medina,minorities)
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