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Journal:   JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MODELS AND METHODS   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 34 ; Page(s) 35 To 52.

Structure equation modeling for Personal, Situational and Psychological Traits on Impulse Buying

Author(s):  Sorooshnia Saeed, Kazemi Fazlollah*
* Department of Executive Management, Shiraz Azad University, Shiraz, Iran
In order to evaluate to determine the effect of Personal, situational and psychological traits on behavior impulse buying were conducted. The statistical population of this research is includes customers of retailing industries in Shiraz City and a random sample used to collect information from customers of retailing industries. In this research the variables of Personal traits (Shopping enjoyment and Impulse buying tendency), Situational traits (Money availability, Time Availability, Browsing in store, Store Environment, Group's Buying and direction of sellers) and psychological traits (Emotional intelligence and Self-esteem) were measured and the data were analyzed. For statistical analysis, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics and correlation, hierarchical regression and structural equation modeling was used. The results, a significant relationship between the dimensions of the shopping enjoyment and Impulse buying tendency related to Personal traits and dimensions of the Money availability, Time Availability, Browsing in store, Store Environment, Group's Buying and Direction of sellers related to situational traits and Emotional intelligence related to psychological traits as well as the lack of a significant relationship between the self-esteem of psychological factors on impulse buying Behaviors indicated. Keywords: impulse buying, Personal traits, and psychological traits.
Keyword(s): impulse buying,Personal traits,and psychological traits
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