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Journal:   JOURNAL OF METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING (JOURNAL OF SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING)   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 29 , Number 2 #g00655; Page(s) 19 To 28.

Investigation of Retained Austenite to Martensite Phase Transformation on Wear Behavior of White Cast Irons

Author(s):  Karami Dastnaee V., Ghasemi Banadkouki S.S.*, Mosalaee poor Yazdi M., MASHREGHI A.R.
In this study, the effect of retained austenite to martensite phase transformation has been studied in conjunction with wear behavior of white cast irons. For this purpose, the wear behavior of an alloyed white cast iron with a carbideaustenite microstructure has been studied in comparison to that of conventional white cast iron with a pearlite-carbide microstructure. The wear tests were conducted by using pin on disk test method with loads of 80, 100, 120 and 140N. The results show that retained austenite is stable and also work hardened during wear test conducted with loads less than 100N in alloyed white cast iron samples, while, the retained austenite transformed to martensite after using loads greater than 100N. The retained austenite to martensite phase transformation has been associated with significant improvement in wear resistance in the alloyed white cast iron.
Keyword(s): white cast iron,carbide,pearlite,martensite,retained austenite,wear behavior
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