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Journal:   JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL MODELS AND METHODS   fall 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 33 #r00470; Page(s) 35 To 50.

Testing the model of causal relationship perceived social support and academic well-being components by mediating academic self-efficacy beliefs, academic self-esteem and academic stress in male students

* shahid chamran university of ahvaz, ahvaz, iran
This study aimed to examine the mediating role of academic self-efficacy belief, academic self-esteem and academic stress between perceived social support and academic well-being components. The sample consisted of 230 high school students were selected using perceived social support multi-stage cluster sampling completed the scales of 8 academic self-efficacy belief, academic self-esteem, academic stress and academic well-being. The proposed model was evaluated using structural equation modeling. The results indicated social support had positive relationship with school value, satisfaction with educational choice and schoolwork engagement and negative relationship with School burnout. Also perceived social support through academic self-efficacy belief, academic self-esteem and academic stress, cause to forecast academic well-being components. According to, it can be said perceived social support through promoting academic self-efficacy belief and academic self-esteem cause to decrease academic stress and this path cause to promote academic well-being components. These findings emphasized the role of social support in incite people in confront to stress and access to well-being in academic environment.
Keyword(s): perceived social support,academic self-efficacy belief,academic well-being
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