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Journal:   JOURNAL OF NEW APPROACH IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION   fall 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 3 (35) #l00569; Page(s) 109 To 145.

designing of training conceptual model based on learning organization

The main purpose of this study was to assessing training conceptual model based on learning organization, create of training model and assessing relationships between individual and organizational factors with training effectiveness of the employees and effectinness. Method: This research is a mix method survey study and donig Structural equation modeling, factor analysis that was done in Three large factories in 2013-2015. In this study, cluster sampling was used with proportional allocation and finally were selected 1719 exert and technician employees with random sampling method of 3 cement companies with production 10 tones and answered to standardized questionnaires with Likert scale; Self-efficacy attitude, trust, perception, content training, organizational cultur, organization’ s Support, policy support, Identity andenvironmental adaptation factors. questionare 94 reviwe and fainal questionare was 72 of items and indicators 12. Results: There are a significant correlation between the Individual and organizational factors; Training Effectiveness toward the learning organization. individual factors: content training (β =0. 74), trust (β =0. 62), perception (β =0. 68), self efficacy (β =0. 43)and Organizational factors; Organizational culture (β =0. 83), organizational struture (β =0. 75), management style(β =0. 73), identity(β =0. 60), environment adaptation(β =0. 76), policy(β =0. 68). Conclusion: Individual factors in learning organization is a key factor in creating self-development in training while organizational factors have an important role in increasing the tendency to perform self – development in Training. Managers by having the belief in the value of developing, supporting evidence and clear and strengthening information sharing can lead to increase employees’ intention for organization development.
Keyword(s): learning organization,organizational learning,effectiveness,individual factors.organizational factors
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