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Journal:   JOURNAL OF NEW APPROACH IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION   fall 2018 , Volume 9 , Number 3 (35) ; Page(s) 69 To 90.

Presenting comprehensive model of mobbing in the workplace with an emphasis on educational environments; antecedents, dimensions and consequences

Author(s):  KOUSHAZADE SAYYED ALI, Asadzade Mahboobe
One of the factors affecting psycho-emotional in the workplace and educational environments, that less considered its existence and personal and organizational negative effects, is mobbing (psychological terror). Mobbing is psycho-emotional activities with verbal and behavioral manifestations, in which a person (mobbing agent) have such behavior aim that other party (the victim of mobbing) placed in unsafe conditions, and sometimes he/she had to leave the organization. The aim of this scientific-review study, descriptive type, based on library approach is by investigating global theoretical and field studies, define mobbing and its steps and dimensions; consider associated factors (antecedents and consequences of mobbing); present the most important designed models, developed a comprehensive model of factors associated with mobbing, and finally solutions for managing and decreasing mobbing. Results of this study show that in educational and work environments, mobbing behaviors include 7 different dimensions, effective factors and destructive consequences (personal, job, organizational, mental-social) that necessity of knowing and managing them, oblige doing field and native exact studies in every special educational and work environments. Promoting coaching, citizenship behaviors, organizational transparency, work-professional ethics, spiritual and emotional intelligence, conflict and team dynamics management are solutions for decreasing mobbing and synergistic practices in line with achievement of personal and organizational goals.
Keyword(s): Mobbing,organizational bullying,aggressiveness at work,educational environment
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