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Journal:   JOURNAL OF REGIONAL PLANNING   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 ; Page(s) 141 To 152.

Evaluation of the realization of the freedom of education and research in the Charter of Citizens' Rights and the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran with regard to the role of the three-member power control (case study: Shiraz metropolis)

Author(s):  RAHMATOLLAHI HOSEIN, sheykh movahhed mahdi*
* Sepidan Azad University
The constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran and the citizens` bill of rights are considered as the two fundamental tenets in urban and rural sustainable and comprehensive development in our country. They have been produced in order to improve the worldly life and the one hereafter for all generations by including numerous articles and notes. One of the focused issues in the constitution and bill of rights is the freedom of education and research. In line with the comprehensive and sustainable development of education and research in Iran, the evaluation of its materialization seems to be essential. To this end, the present analytic and descriptive study has been conducted to evaluate the materialization of research and educational freedom in IRI constitution and citizens` bill of rights in the metropolis of Shiraz, Iran. The basic data collection instrument along with reviewing the related documents was a researcher-made questionnaire based on the constitution and bill of rights content; the validity and reliability of which was confirmed according to research principles. The findings show that the rate of citizens` awareness of their rights is above average with a mean of 3. 31. The results of citizens` satisfaction of research and education variables showed the mean of 37 variables under investigation was above average and the overall mean for the materialization of education and research in constitution and rights charter based on citizens` viewpoints was above average level with the value of 3. 69 with 99 percent of confidence degree. Finally, some guidelines based on the supervision role of the Iranian triple powers were offered in order to improve the status of education and research variables in the IRI constitution and Iranian citizen` bill of rights.
Keyword(s): Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution,Citizens` Bill of Rights,Freedom of Education and Research,Shiraz
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