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Journal:   JOURNAL OF REGIONAL PLANNING   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 ; Page(s) 51 To 67.

The Identification of Environmental Challenges at Rural Settlements and Evaluating the Performance of Institutions in Managing Them (case Study: Central District of Ravansar County)

Author(s):  DEHGHANI AMIN, MOUSAVI MIRNAJAF*, Jomeini Davood
* Urmia University, Urmia, Iran
The aim of the present study is quantitative and functional, that is done Using descriptive and analytical and causal, the identification of the most important environmental challenges and Evaluation of satisfaction of villagers from The performance of institutions in management challenges and also Serving The effect of institutions On the environmental challenges in rural communities. this study It has been done as a case study Among rural households Located in the central District of the Rawansar Township (N= 4633), that includes the 119 rural points. Due to the high number of rural households, Lack of access to all heads of households and Financial and time constraints, the researchers were unable to interview and questionnaire to all households and with Using Cochran formula (d= 0. 5, p &q = 0. 5), 355 persons of households Estimated as the statistical sample. Shows The results of exploratory factor analysis, the most important environmental challenges identified (Degradation of pastures and forests (19 percent), Pressure on water and soil resources (16. 88 percent), Wildlife Threat (14. 91 percent), Waste and waste (11. 17 percent) and air pollution (11. 1 percent)), they could Explain About 73% of the variance of the dependent variable of the research. Based on findings from the frequency distribution table (About 78. 3 percent of villagers have a very weak and poor satisfaction) and One-sample t test (With 2. 312 average)), Can be acknowledged That Have had a poor evaluation The villagers are from the function of trusted institutions in managing environmental challenges. Shows Results of the effects of trustee institutions on Environmental Challenges in rural settlements that Located in the central district Rawansar Township, the impact of these institutions on air pollution No significant and their effects on The other environmental challenge has been identified (Pressure on water and soil resources, degradation of pastures and forests, waste and waste and wildlife threats) Has been negative and meaningful. Meanwhile the most The negative effect of custodial authorities have been on Two Challenges, Pressure on water and soil resources and Destruction of pastures and forests, Respectively with-0. 544 and-0. 428 Total effects.
Keyword(s): Rural Development,Environmental Challenges,performance of institutions,Rawansar Township
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