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Journal:   JOURNAL OF REGIONAL PLANNING   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 ; Page(s) 37 To 50.

Identify and prioritize Indices Policies affecting the development of rural tourism using factor analysis, Case Study: Dehbala village, city Taft

Selection and implementation rural development policy objectives, challenges and volatility committed than ever because of various factors such as the complex and different definitions of rural tourism, short-term view of tourism and diversity of tastes and beliefs factor Rgyr They are, economic forces, manage a vague, passing the resolutions of the different sectors and. . . the writer of this would exist. In order to determine Identify and prioritize Indices Rural development policy should identify challenges and obstacles and try to solve them in the study with descriptive approach-Analytical attempt to indicators Policies affecting the development of rural tourism dehbala first identify and then Using factor analysis, should be prioritized. Total The hell Information in the form of documents (Articles, books, magazines, Web sites and the Internet. . . ) and (c) the value of our (Questionnaires and observation), respectively. The main indicators of the principles of index statistics Data and data DP was extracted compounds, which eventually led to a 12 index. The questionnaire study among 200 households in the collection were distributed and then to analyze And analyze Data From Method S analyze Factor with Soft Hardware SPSS And Excel Was used. The findings show that the indicators in 5 steps are prioritized in the first phase of prioritization, there are four variables that three variables of social component, There are four variable priority in the second phase of the three variable The component Economic development of rural tourism in the dehbala are the other environmental variables in the third, fourth and fifth are that this represents a less important indicator Policy Environmental The economic and social indicators.
Keyword(s): prioritization,policy,tourism,Rural Development,factor analysis
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