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Journal:   JOURNAL OF REGIONAL PLANNING   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 32 ; Page(s) 11 To 22.

An Analysis of the Effective Influences on Development and Its Role in Emigration

Necessity comprehensive planning with aim of achieving integrated development and reduce regional inequalities, the most important issues in developing countries is considered. Achieve comprehensive development in all areas is the need for fair distribution of services and facilities. In this regard, in this study the factors affecting the development of the city of Zanjan province and its role in rural migration have been discussed. Type of applied research, analytical methodology, data collection using library studies and the analysis of data obtained from factor analysis and Pearson correlation test methods used. The results show that, of the physical, economic and agriculture with 58% of explained variance is the most important factor in the development of the city of Zanjan province. Also, the township of Zanjan and Abhar developed and thetownship of Khorramdarreh and Tarom and months is the least developed of thetownship. The results show, the city of Zanjan and Khodabande most developed and most developed township in the months and Khoramdeh township in the economic sector is low. township of Zanjan and Abhar most developed and the least developed township in the township of Ijrud and Tarom is the physical part. The findings show that, among developed township of Zanjan province and the migration of a significant inverse relationship exists, in other words, the township that had a low level of development in the state, has been more immigration.
Keyword(s): Development,emigration,regional disparity,factor analysis
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