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Journal:   HEALTH, SPIRITUALITY AND MEDICAL ETHICS   JUNE 2017 , Volume 4 , Number 2; Page(s) 27 To 32.

Correlation between Spiritual Health and Health Locus of Control in Nursing and Midwifery Students of the Islamic Azad University of Urmia, Iran

* School of Public Health, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
Background and Objectives: In today's world, the role of spirituality and its components in the prevention and treatment of public health and health issues is being taken into consideration. Given the importance of nursing and midwifery, this study was conducted to determine correlation between spiritual health and health locus of control in nursing and midwifery students. Methods: This descriptive-analytical study was conducted on 300 nursing and midwifery students in 2015. Spiritual health was measured by Paloutzian and Ellison's Spiritual Well-Being Scale and locus of control measured by Walston's Multidimensional Measure of Health Locus of Control. Data were analyzed by ANOVA and Pearson correlation coefficient in SPSS 16. Results: The students' mean score for spiritual health was 92. 28± 16. 35 of total score 120. The mean score for religious and existential well-being was 48. 54 and 43. 74, respectively. There was a significant and positive correlation between spiritual health and internal health locus of control, and a significant and negative correlation between spiritual health and external health locus of control. Conclusion: Spiritual health was significantly correlated with health locus of control. Therefore, planners are recommended to take necessary measures to promote nursing and midwifery students' spiritual health so that their health loci of control can be improved.
Keyword(s): Health Locus of Control,Spiritual Health,Student
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