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Journal:   QURANIC DOCTRINES   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume - , Number 28 ; Page(s) 229 To 253.

The Study of the Effect of Rhetoric on the Transmission of Message in the Story of the Israelites in the Quran

Author(s):  Shomali Alireza, RABI NATAJ SEYYED ALI AKBAR, Nouraei Mohsen
using techniques and figures of speech has a great impact on the transmission and persistence of a message or content. Accordingly, one aspect of the miracle of the Quran According to the consensus of Muslim scholars and certified by many non-Muslim scholars, it is an aspect of public speaking. Meanwhile, the story of the Israelites one of the most important stories of the Quran is full of moral and educational issues and that is why in many chapters of the Quran has been proposed. In the verses that deal with Moses and the Israelites God is concerned, there are many rhetorical points that awareness of them, a literary miracle of the Qur'an and the importance of literary points in the moral teachings reveal more. This article reviews some of the figures in the verses related to the story of the Israelites and the impact of these industries on the transfer of a message or content deals verses.
Keyword(s): Quran,Rhetoric,Message,Moses,The Israelites
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