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Journal:   JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS RESEARCH   FALL 2018 , Volume 10 , Number 3 (39) #r00468; Page(s) 1 To 22.

Effective factors of expenditures domestic research and development and spillovers R&D trading partners of imports channel of the agricultural sector in Iran

Author(s):  SHAHABADI ABOLFAZL, mehri telyabi fariba
The period studied in this research 1971-2011 and estimates is based on a system of simultaneous equations and GMM method. Results research indicates that one percent increase in domestic research and development, human capital sector agriculture, degree of trade openness, real exchange rate and oil and gas exports are lead to a change external research and development in order the amount of 0/15, 2/22, 0/38, 0/33 and 0/87. Also, one percentage increase in the human capital of sector agriculture, degree of trade openness and oil and gas export leads to changing domestic research and development in order the amount of 4/04, 0/20 and 0/09. According to research results and in order to reduce the technology gap is suggested, coordinated demand side of policies with research of policies in direction create incentives in the economic actors the purpose of investment in research and development of agricultural sector, and with educational policy in order to develop human capital in order to attract new technologies of import channels and foreign direct investment flows.
Keyword(s): Added Value Agricultural Sector,Technology Gap,Systems of Simultaneous Equations,GMM
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