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Journal:   JOURNAL OF REGIONAL PLANNING   Spring 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 33 #R00467; Page(s) 1 To 14.

Measuring and Analyzing Competitiveness Indicators in Western Asia with Emphasis on Iran

Author(s):  ALIAKBARI E., AKBARI M.*, ANSARI M., Bostan Ahmadi v.
* Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran
The level of competitiveness of the countries of the world is one of the important criteria that considers many variables in micro and macro economies. This indicator plays an important role in preserving the survival of any country; in this regard, this paper aims to measure and analyze the competitiveness indices (GCI) in the West Asian region with an emphasis on Iran. The type of research is applied and its method is descriptive-analytical. The data gathering tool was compiled to examine the competitiveness indicators in the form of 12 major components and their data from the report (GCI). To analyze the data, Shannon Entropy models, Topsis, Scatter coefficient model, Moran's I spatial correlation method, and Arc Gis software are used. The results of this study indicate that the UAE, the occupation regime of Quds and Qatar, ranked first to third with the highest points of the TOPSIS ranking, while Iran with a score of 0. 51 points and a Yemeni country ranked 0. 51. With the lowest points it is in the last position. Other findings, using the dispersion coefficient model, showed that among the twelve components of global competitiveness, the highest levels of inequality in the labor market performance component (0. 742) and the lowest level of inequality in the components of institutions and higher education and human resource training (0. 390 ) have been. Also, the Moran index in all twelve components of competitiveness is less than one. We conclude that the distribution pattern of components in West Asian countries is a randomized (Random) pattern indicating the unplanned spatial distribution of competitiveness indicators.
Keyword(s): Spatial pattern,competition,competitiveness,World Economic Forum,IranTranslate persian Abstract into English (150 to 250 words)
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