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Journal:   JOURNAL OF REGIONAL PLANNING   Spring 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 33 #R00467; Page(s) 29 To 42.

Sustainable Development Evaluation provinces of Iran Based on environmental planning

* University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran
Create a balance between social, Environmental and economic activities of human society, Sustainable development and find ways and means to achieve this balance, the theme environmental planning and its ultimate goal Achieve sustainable development. Achieving sustainable development, one of the main issues countries, especially developing countries. Today, sustainable development, one of the main issues countries, especially developing countries. Developing countries to catch up on, freedom from poverty, political, economic, cultural, etc. And to achieve all-round development of temperature and that can improve the lives of all people lead, In recognition of the potential power and limitations in all areas and regions need. Therefore, this study Iran is conducted in order to measure sustainable development. He study, a combination of descriptive and analytical by nature practical development. The population consisted of 31 provinces of Iran is based on the 2012 census. 4 factors to assess the institutional, economic, environmental and social and 30 indicators used a combination of positive and negative ANP model to express the relative importance of each indicator is used. PROMETHEE V model used to analyze the data is taken. The results showed that Isfahan Province Phi + (0. 612), Phi-(0. 359) and Phi (0. 253) in the first place and Sistan and Baluchistan Phi + (0. 355), Phi-(0. 619) and Phi (-0. 264) is in last place. A total of 8 provinces of Iran in terms of sustainable development indicators rank high in the province (26 percent), 5 provincial average (16 percent), 10 provinces ranked low (32 percent) and 8 of rated very low (26 percent) of development.
Keyword(s): Sustainable development,network analysis,Prometheus,Iran
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