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Journal:   JOURNAL OF REGIONAL PLANNING   Spring 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 33 #R00467; Page(s) 73 To 86.

Analysis of effective factors on the annexation of rural settlements to the city based on the framework of country divisions (Case study: Urmia metropolis)

* Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
Recently, annexation of rurales to cities is one of the most important Concerns of planners, which is influenced by complex sets of various factors, such as Political division and sometimes political decisions. Aim of theis research is examination of annexation of rural settlements of Periphery to the cities on the base of the interpretative paradigm is based on framework of Political divisions in the Urmia metropolis area. Rural settlements around Urmia metropolis up to 7 km radius are divided into five categories based on the Height variable. 71. 85% of the villages are on the first group, 20. 39% are on the second group, 5. 82% are on the third group and 1. 94 percent are on the fourth group. no rurales are located in the fifth group (height: of 2201-1924 m, ). This study is practical and based on Qualitative method. In this regard, a case study has been used to conduct research. Research Participants, 42 professionals and experts from related organizations in rural and city affairs (including municipality, Agricultural-Jihad Organization, Governor General of West Azerbaijan Province, Governor and etc. ). Data collection method has been used deep and semi-structured interviews. The sampling method was based on snowball sampling. Finally, the collected data was analyzed using the Grounded theory as a qualitative approach. The results of the research showed that first, annexation of rural settlements to the City, as a complex and Multidimensional process, wich is in accordance with spatial and temporal conditions, under the direct influence of the centralized territorial division system of Iran. centralized territorial division. Then centralized territorial divisions, in the form of factors such as Weaknesses in Political divisions, Geographical proximity, inefficient management centralized economic system and ultimately, causes migration to the rurales around the metropolis, and has led to the annexation of rural to Urmia. Ultimately, the weakening of the foundations of rural activity and economy, scattering of rural management, formation of informal living spaces, and social capital changes are the main consequences of annexation of rurales to the Urmia city.
Keyword(s): Rural settlements,Territorial divisions,annexation,rurales around Metropolis,Urmia
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