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Journal:   JOURNAL OF REGIONAL PLANNING   Spring 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 33 ; Page(s) 87 To 104.

Investigating the Impact of Planning Approach on Empowering Villagers in Sustainable Rural Development (Case Study: Ray and Pakdasht County)

Author(s):  SHAFIEI SABET N.*, Sadat Mirvahedi S.
* Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran
The two approaches of instrumental rationalism and collaborative have so far been addressed in the framework and process of development planning which in Iran's planning system has overcome the instrumental rationalism approach in the planning process. The purpose of this study is to investigate the rural planning status and its impacts on the sustainable development of rural settlements in Pakdasht and Ray districts by descriptive-analytic method on 54 villages from 124 villages of the studied area. To determine the relationship between the variables, the model of equations of Structure and the graphic AMOS software were used. The results of Pearson test showed that according to the governing approach of the planning system and the characteristics of the villages, none of the rural empowerment indices have been effective in promoting these indicators in the process of sustainable rural development. Also, based on the standard communication model (path analysis), the current planning approach to improve the rural empowerment indices in the sustainable rural development process based on the goodness fit index is undesirable. In fact the "Unproductive Empowerment" is still increasingly overcoming. Overall, the findings of the present study provide the necessary base for joint understanding of Collaborative planning. From the perceptual and epistemic points of view, it also seeks to coherence in the design of the basic lines of the modern notion of development and to help determine the framework of the work pattern of the new approach. In this way, provide the epistemic and riches are needed to help develop a sustainable rural development through the planning and operation of village development projects.
Keyword(s): Empowerment,Planning Approaches,Sustainable Development,Collaborative Planning
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