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Journal:   SOCIOLOGY OF WOMEN (JOURNAL OF WOMAN AND SOCIETY)   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 4 (36) #l00566; Page(s) 133 To 151.

Identification of Factors Affecting Violence at Women in Ahvaz City

Author(s):  Heydari Nejad Sara, NAVAH ABDOLREZA
This study aimed to Identification of effective factors on violence against women in Ahvaz city. The data of this study is to survey using self-report questionnaire of a sample size of 200 married women referred to the judiciary the real cause of violence against them by their spouse were collected by sampling. Assumptions through Pearson correlation coefficient, independent t-test and multivariate regression were tested. Its validity was assessed through validity and reliability through Cronbach's alpha coefficient was calculated. The coefficients obtained for the variables are 0. 65, which can be concluded that the research tool was a reliable and reliable instrument. The results showed that the acceptance of male authority in the family, gender socialization, authority and male domination, addiction husband, male and family involvement, lack of social support in violence against women, a significant relationship was observed. Therefore, the greater the acceptance of male authority in the family, the gendered socialization of women, the authority and domination of the man in the family, the involvement of men and women around the community and the lack of social protection of women, violence against them also increases. Also, violence against women among women with addicted husbands has more than women with unmarried husbands, of the independent variables, the highest share was observed in the rate of violence against women, acceptance of male authority (β = 0. 387), husband's interference with (β = 0. 373), authority and male domination (β = 0. 241), Lack of social protection with (β =0. 224) and gender socialization with (β =0. 223).
Keyword(s): male family involvement,gender socialization,violence against women
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