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Journal:   SOCIOLOGY OF WOMEN (JOURNAL OF WOMAN AND SOCIETY)   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 4 (36) ; Page(s) 97 To 131.

Women's Sociology, Marriage and Family In the Holy Quran, in order to provide the Quran family model (Study of Social Concepts in the Holy Quran)

The purpose of this study is to identify social concepts of the Holy Quran with emphasis on the sociology of women, family and marriage in order to provide a successful Quranic family model. The research approach is of a mixed type (quantitative and qualitative) and is purposeful, applied, as well as in terms of method, descriptive-analytical and theoretical basis. The research field is the social verses of the Holy Quran with the subject of women, marriage and family then 398 verses were selected and the verses translated into Excel software. The analysis of verses was done using open and axial coding and the main categories were categorized in three categories: family, marriage, and woman. The statistical population of the study included experts in Quranic sciences and sociology that was selected by snowball. The findings of the study showed that from the analysis of Quranic verses in the subject, 30 core categories, 302 concepts and 691 codes were obtained, respectively, in the family section with 14 categories of topics, 78 concepts and 300 codes, in the marriage section, 8 categories, 64 categories Concept and 111 codes, and in women with 9 categories of topics, 160 concepts and 280 codes Most of the code obtained in the family section was obtained which in essence the presentation of the conceptual model of the present research emphasizes the same issue. Another result from the analysis of verses showed that the most verses in the subject of women with 206 verses, in the subject of the family with 145 verses And in the subject of marriage you have 47 verses In this study, the apparent and hidden coherence of Quranic verses on the importance of the family institution in social progress in Islamic societies. Utilizing the Quranic model of a successful family can contribute to this goal.
Keyword(s): Holy Quran,family,marriage,woman,conceptual model
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