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Journal:   SOCIOLOGY OF WOMEN (JOURNAL OF WOMAN AND SOCIETY)   winter 2019 , Volume 9 , Number 4 (36) ; Page(s) 39 To 72.

The effects of women’ s modern lifestyle on their fertility and childbearing – a case study in Qazvin city

Since women have been the main target of any demographic policies, this study explains the modern lifestyle of women and its effects on their low fertility. Anthony Giddens views lifestyle as a spectrum of functions, attitudes, behaviors, insights, tastes and everyday activities and integrates it with motivational theories, especially the second-demographic transition with an individual-level analysis approach to present the model. This study is an applied one in terms of goal, and is descriptive in terms of its data collection method. This study examines the fundamental elements of women’ s lifestyle including insights, attitudes, behavior and the status of current actors in society with individual level analysis approach. The statistic population of this research includes 400 Qazvinian women aged between 15 to 45 and the data is obtained through a questionnaire. Findings show that women’ s modern lifestyle encourages women toward striving for self-realization which is in contradiction with child bearing. Hence, women try to basically change inequalities to their own satisfaction. As the findings indicate, the greatest impact of women’ s low tendency toward child bearing is felt in two elements of lifestyle attitude and socio-political changes. By utilizing methods for changing insight, attitude and behavior and strive for strengthening women’ s legal and social status, one can bring women to accompany new demographic policies of the country.
Keyword(s): lifestyle,childbearing practice,women of Qazvin,fertility and modernity
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