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Journal:   ETHICS   spring 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 29 (51) ; Page(s) 121 To 140.

An analysis of the concept of the "Allowed Invitation" in the promotion of religious doctrines Based on two features of truth and truthfulness

In verse 46 of the Suran “ al-Ahzab” God consideres one of the five goals of the Prophet's mission as "calling to God by his permission". The commentators in the meaning of "permission" in this verse have said a variety of words; many (like Tabari) have considered permission as "commandments"; some (as Zamakhshari) have referred to it as "facilitating"; others perceive permission as "mission. " According to other verses of the Holy Qur'an and the attributes of the Prophet Muhammad mentioned in Nahjul Balagh, it turns out that the invitation of the Prophet to God has had two attributes of "truth" and "truthfulness". By analyzing these two features, it is evident that the true invitation should be based on four true elements, including: should be based on reason (proving truth), to actually conform the truth (real truth), and the da'i (the inviter) himself should also believe and be committed (the truth of the agent). Therefore, every invitation that has all three types of truth is "an allowed invitation from Allah". Therefore, the constraint of the permission to invite to God will prevent the harm of religious propagation such as heresy, use of inappropriate means, imprecise speech, lying and inviting others and giving up oneself.
Keyword(s): Allowed invitation,Inviting to the truth,The truth Types,Pathology of Religious Preaching
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