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Journal:   ETHICS   spring 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 29 (51) ; Page(s) 57 To 74.

The role of ethics in improving the religious preaching

Author(s):  khorasani Lotfollah*
Promoting religion and guiding people to divine values are the principles of the prophets' mission and tradition and the essence of the monotheistic religions and it is considered as one of the important attributes of the true religions. In order to improve this divine duty, it is worthwhile to study about preaching in various areas such as "its content", "audience" and "preachers' requirements", each of which, of course, requires its own special needs. In this research, the ethical dimensions of the preachers to improve the preaching process will be discussed. In divine religions, preaching is based on the preachers' understanding of religion and their own adherence to religious teachings, and being influenced by ethical values and virtues; hence, recognizing the amount of duty and utilizing ethical virtues based on Quranic verses and religious sources to improve the capacity of the field of preaching and the promotion of the ethical dimensions is necessary. If the speaker's speech is based on his deep belief, the effect of his invitation to divine values is doubled. This research tries to examine those moral virtues which the prophets and divine beings have adorned in their promotional task and have played a significant role in their success and add to the efficiency of preaching methods.
Keyword(s): Ethics,Preaching,Moral Virtues,Sincerity,Courage,Patience,Benevolence
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