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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ONTOLOGICAL RESEARCHES   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 7 , Number 14 #f00653; Page(s) 177 To 194.

Survey of Mystical ontology in Najm al-Din Razi and Aziz Nasafi’ s point of view

Author(s):  Khayatian Ghodratallah*, Rashidinasab Tannaz
* mysticism and Sufism department, Semnan university
Ontology is one of the most important issues in Islamic mysticism which has been considered by mystics and Sufists when it became theoretical by ibn Al-arabi. Najm al-Din and Aziz Nasafi are the biggest mystics of seventh century and they related to the “ Kobravieh cult” however Nasafi is influenced by Ibn al-Arabi’ s works. Razi in following of “ Kobravieh cult” divided the being into “ commanding or immaterial world” and “ created or material world” . In his thoughts about existence it can be seen that there is attention to the light, duality in universe and oneness of Existence. Furthermore, Nasafi pointing to these two worlds, he also has added almightiness (Jabarout) to them and in his Ontology he has announced the triple division. Besides he explained about the oneness of Existence in detail. Between them, the attention to manifestation and importance of human being are the same. This article is going to present resemblance and differences between two sages opinions and their ontological foundation by descriptive-comparative method.
Keyword(s): Theoretical mysticism,Mystical ontology,Unity of existence,Najm al-Din Razi,Aziz Nasafi
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