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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ONTOLOGICAL RESEARCHES   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 7 , Number 14 #f00653; Page(s) 143 To 160.

Roman Ingarden’ s critics on Husserl Phenomenology

Author(s):  SALMANI ALI*, Sakhavati Monir
* BuAli Sina university
Ingarden is a realist phenomenologist who believes that Husserl in his logical investigation has accepted a kind of realism which its base is distinction between consciousness and reality. This realism dismissed with the beginning of Husserl’ s transcendental idealism replaced by consciousness and transcendental Idealism. Ingarden has opposed the sudden transformation and believed that transcendental thought has its own problems in the goal and the method. He believes that the whole idealism is not logically coherent. The scheme of the conception of transcendental idealism, its goal and method raised confusion and then inconsistency. Husserl by using Epoch method ignores actuality of thing's existence and by exercising phenomenological reductionism reached the absoluteness of consciousness and transcendental ego and finally by proposing constitutional conception replaced realistic objects by meaning or noema. These tasks invalidate the real existence and has doubted Husserl’ s original goal that was knowledge of objective data. Rigorous philosophy which is reached by this method confines itself to immanent perception. Ingarden has pointed to petition principia problem in Husserl's reductionist method, claims that Husserl's results in the transcendental thought is not an achievement of mere epistemology. In many cases his results is more like to metaphysical propositions which derived from ontological elements.
Keyword(s): phenomenology,Ingarden,Husserl
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