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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ONTOLOGICAL RESEARCHES   fall 2018-winter 2019 , Volume 7 , Number 14 ; Page(s) 125 To 141.

An Inquiry into Molla RajabaliTabrizi and QaziSa'idQomi’ s views on Negative Theology

* institute of research and development, Samt organization, Tehran, Iran
The philosophical school of Isfahan consists of two different schools. One of them was headed by Mirdamad and the other one directed by Mulla Rajabali Tabrizi. These two schools were in harmony with each other in some issues and opposed in some others. A controversial issue was on God’ s essence and his attributes. At Rajabali's school, he and his students made a special impression of God. These groups of philosophers believed that God cannot be understood by positive way, and that all divine attributes are negatives. Negative theology derived from this school has a religious and Neo platonic background. This article tries to study the field of formation, critique of the ideas and the basics of thought of Mulla Rajabali Tabrizi and Qazi Sa'id Qomi in negative theology. Therefore, this paper addresses reviewing and criticizing the reasons of philosophers, for incompatibility with other philosophical doctrines based on the rule of al-Wahid. Therefore, this paper does not carry out a detailed discussion of the attributes and divine acts. Since these two philosophers are strongly influenced by Neo platonic teachings, their reflection and their influence on Plotinus's ideas are shown.
Keyword(s): Negative theology,incomparability,equivocal,attribute of being,the principle of congruity
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