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Journal:   ETHICS   summer 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 30 (52) ; Page(s) 11 To 30.

Characteristics of evaluation of wife's wisdom in Malek Sabah's personality

Author(s):  RAJAYI MAHDI*
* Shahid Rajaee University
In the narratives of the infallibles (AS), it has been emphasized to marry a wise woman and not to be married to an insane woman, but there is no criterion for determining the wise woman. In this article, with the aim of identifying the characteristics of women's wisdom, Maleke Sabah's behavioral and verbal way of life (whose story came in the Quran) has been investigated. The present study is a qualitative research that is of descriptive-analytic type. The writer has achieved the nine criteria for women's rationalism from the point of view of the Holy Quran, namely: respect and sanctity, avoidance of tyranny and consultation with others, avoidance of corruption and disturbing others' self-esteem, giving gifts, feedback and analyzing the behavior of others, observing the tactic In responding, repenting to God and compensating for past mistakes, appealing to God's Almighty to approach God and believe in the heart through insight. These characteristics can be considered as important criteria in choosing a wife.
Keyword(s): Choosing a wife,Criteria of wisdom,Belgis (queen of saba),wise woman,lifestyle
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