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Journal:   ETHICS   summer 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 30 (52) ; Page(s) 123 To 147.

The Praised and Condemned Reservation (Criteria and Issues)

Author(s):  HADI ASGHAR*
* social ethics Department, Institute of Islamic Sciences and Culture
The praised and condemned reservation in Islamic ethics have a special place. In the style of Islamic life, reservation has been introduced as one of the treasures of faith and goodness and and is considered as one of the blessings of heaven. Of course, sometimes it is hideous, insulting and tormenting. Today, this issue has special position in the variety of relationships and information processing ahich we face. The guilty person does not have a moral decree, and it is based on the validity of the accusation, the mumble, and the disobedient (good and evil), and the cathom (concealer) is valued ethically. The present research seeks to analyze each case (malicious and obscene cover) and provide a regular categorization. The cover is mumbled and disdainful either about himself or about others who have each type. The secret of the secrets of the Muslim community and the secrets of the group and organization is in the form of a concealed mantle. The research method is analytical inference and the result of collecting data, verses, narrations and ethical works. The present study is familiar with a number of criteria, issues, exceptions, and reasons, and in the context of a mundane and discursive concealment, and enables him to recognize the ethical code in the subjects of the research.
Keyword(s): Islamic ethics,Praised reservation,condemned reservation,secrecy
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