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Journal:   ETHICS   summer 2018 , Volume 8 , Number 30 (52) ; Page(s) 149 To 169.

The Preaching Method of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) (With emphasis on verse 125 of Surah Nah)

Author(s):  Shirafakan Mohammad Hussein, Sahebian Fatemeh
The Almighty God for the purpose of blessing mankind and helping his growth has set a path to reach the throne and approach Him, and has set guides for this path. Divine prophets are the very same masters who show the truth, which reveal the path to the seekers of the truth and distinguish the path from the evil. Of course, humans have different morals and tempers; for this reason, various methods are needed for their education and guidance. In this paper, the prophetic method of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) based on the 125th verse of Nahl, has been investigated and the verses have been analyzed according to the methods of preaching, argument and controversy because, according to the above verse, humans are divided into three types of the followers of the truth, the evaders of the truth and the opponents of the truth. So, the preacher needs an appropriate promotional method to apply for each group. The results show that the most important method of preaching used by Abraham (AS) is the method of presenting demonstration.
Keyword(s): Preaching Method,Abraham (AS),Quran,propagation,methodology,Nahl Surah
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