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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ONTOLOGICAL RESEARCHES   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 13 #f00652; Page(s) 89 To 102.

Avicenna’ s Calendar Approach to the God and Possibility of His Knowledge

Author(s):  Tavaziany Zohreh*
* AlZahra university, Tehran, Iran
Approach to issue of God for those who have considered the philosophical trend on it, is the vital one. Its important aspect is that if this approach does not have a precise and profound basis, effort of philosophers and scholars will confront the serious challenges. Avicenna’ s approach to God for proving His existence is entirely derived from the intellect. He has tried to prove Him by firm and reliable arguments which have been known by his name, called as the calendar approach to God. While he has mentioned obviously the essence of God cannot be reached by human reason. Some has thought there are certain contraries in his thought. At this article tried by exploring his works on the issue of God to elucidate his theory showing that this opposition is apparently. There are some documents which denote he has believed that human beings have several epistemological levels, knowledge of God will be possible for everyone by the requirements. The existence of God which approved by rational demonstrations is the one of His requirements not its essence which cannot be obtained by human reason.
Keyword(s): God,Existence,Avicenna,Calendar Usage,Approach Through Requirements
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