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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ONTOLOGICAL RESEARCHES   spring-summer 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 13 ; Page(s) 73 To 88.

Analytical Approach to Place in Avicenna’ s Philosophy

Author(s):  Ghadami Heshmat, NAJAFIAFRA MEHDI*
* philosophy department, central Tehran Azad university
Place, in spite of modern physics, in Avicenna’ s thought has two facets, physical and metaphysical. He has discussed on ontology of it and its essence criticizing the theories have been in or before his era. He by analyzing the essence of place has rejected the place to be regarded as a form, matter, extension and surface as well as the void. At the present paper, by analytical method, we attempt to evaluate his theory by using commentaries and the critics. He believes the place is a surface but not absolute one, it is a relative surface. On the basis of his philosophy, discussing on the existence and essence of place should be in Metaphysics not in the physics, although he has discussed in physics. Avicenna has criticized the other theories and finally approved his Idea on the Place. He has discussed on the accident of place in metaphysics trying to deny the theory of ones who believe it can be regarded as the substance. In spite of his effort to approve the existence of place and analyze the quiddity of it, he could not approve and analyze it successfully, so we cannot regard it as a category. It should be considered as a secondary intelligible.
Keyword(s): Place,Surface,Physics,Metaphysics,Avicenna
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