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Journal:   ETHICS   spring 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 25 (47) ; Page(s) 167 To 187.

Professional Ethics in Islam and its Relationship with the Effectiveness of Educational Activities of the Administrators

Author(s):  Seyedi Nazarlou Seyyed Taher, Tabasi Seyedeh Zakie*
The purpose of this study isto investigate the relationship between professional ethics and the effectiveness of educational managers 'activities in girls' high school in Mashhad. The sample of this study includes 359 teachers and administrative staff of girls' high schools in Mashhad, in the academic year of 1394-1394, who were selected by random cluster sampling. The method of this study is descriptive and correlational. To collect data, two researcher-made questionnaires, one measuring professional ethics and another measuring the effectiveness, were used. The results showed that: 1. Professional ethics of the high schools' pricipals in Mashhad is high; 2. The relationship between all components of professional ethics and effectiveness is positive and significant; 3. There is a positive and significant relationship between the level of professional ethics and their effectiveness; 4. Among the components of the ethics of the component of performance, more than two other components, namely, knowledge and knowledge, predict the components of effectiveness; 5. Professional ethics plays an important role in schools and is essentially an ethical school and requires moral management.
Keyword(s): Professional Ethics,Educational Management,Effectiveness
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