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Journal:   ETHICS   spring 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 25 (47) ; Page(s) 103 To 125.

Evaluation and ranking of professional ethics standards and their relationship with job satisfaction

Author(s):  Banihashemi Seyyed Ali*, ALIZADEH HAMID
One of the issues that professional ethics should take seriously is job satisfaction, because professional ethics is somehow related to job satisfaction. The purpose of this research is to investigate professional ethics in a military unit and determine its relationship with job satisfaction. This research is descriptive and correlational. The statistical population of the research is the staff of a military unit that was selected by simple random sampling method. 30 of them were selected that way. Data were collected using interviews and questionnaires. In two questionnaires, professional ethics with 40 questions and 9 criteria and job satisfaction with 7 questions were examined. In addition to descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and correlation test were used to analyze the data. Based on the correlation test, the findings showed that there is a positive and significant relationship between professional ethics and job satisfaction in the surveyed organization. Also, according to the mean t-test, the status of the variable of professional ethics is at a desirable and acceptable level. According to the findings of the research, and the significant relationship between professional ethics and job satisfaction, the more employees feel that ethics govern their work environment, they experience and feel as much satisfaction and satisfaction in the workplace.
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