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Journal:   ETHICS   spring 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 25 (47) ; Page(s) 57 To 76.

The Consequences and Benefits of Attributing the Quality of “ all hearing” to the Prophet, Based on the Quran: 9: 61

The Cognition of the Virtues and the Vices is one of the Ethical principles. Man should first know the qualities proper for him. In the holy Quran, some of the Prophet’ s qualities have been mentioned. Almighty God has introduced him as a qualified role model for human beings. Thus, it is important to comprehensively study the verses introducing him. The Hippocrates described the prophet as “ Uzun” that is the one who is all ears. They called him with this adjective for the purpose of dishonoring him and introducing him as naive and capricious one and with this they tried to prove the falsity and baselessness of the revelation. In Reply, God would say that not only this adjective would not humiliate him but also is considered a positive quality. After investigating about the verse we come to this conclusion that the Prophet’ s treatment with others and his approach in listening to their speeches expressed even by his enemies, caused them to get interested in Islam and prevented social conflicts and this led to the guidance of people. By accepting the sinners’ repentance, the prophet helped them keep their self-esteem, but in practice, he just realized the recommendations he found beneficial for both individuals and society.
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